Why do I have to buy “The whole package”? especially package politics.

If I want to buy a Xmas Pudding, I am not forced to buy a Xmas hamper but when it comes to TV programs or politics that’s exactly what I’m faced with.

TV programs, first, because I’ve got a choice, of sorts .

I’ve always had to pay a TV licence to watch BBC1, so the Freeview package isn’t such an irritation. I can accept those other channels as freebies. The loud and prolonged adverts/promo’s/ station identifiers are a serious irritation but at least they don’t pick my pocket.

It’s Sky and Virgin, who really irk me.

Sky, I hate, because I remember the days when we had lots of free satellite TV, with channels such as Bravo, TNT, SiFi and Discovery.

Then Sky hijacked them and put them into packages. If I wanted to watch Discovery, I had to buy a package with¬† dozens of unrelated, mostly crap channels. With Sky it was “never mind the quality, count how many channels we offer”.

Same with Sky Sports, which I subscribed to. There was an occasional LFC match and regular Wigan RLFC games. Worth the money. I could ignore the endless turgid Golf, yachting and Cricket. Along came Sky Sports 1,2,3 etc. To ensure the same access you had to buy all these channels along with programmes on various bizarre activities, described as being Sports and numerous “celebrities” describing the thrills involved.

Still! I don’t have to watch them and I don’t have to pay for them and I can bin the incessant junk mail (may soon have to pay for that) and “f### off”¬† the incessant sales people.

With politics, it’s not so easy, because we have party (package) politics and I have to pay for these crapheads, by force of Law, through taxes.

I’m for free (quality) Education, free (quality) NHS, nationalised rail, water, fuel supplies and other essentials of everyday life. I’m for basic housing for all (if you want a large family pay extra for housing it).

I’m against political vanities such as the public funded “The Dome”, HS2, Chunnel etc.

I have no choice except to pick a package. The worse thing is that I effectively have to pick one item and choose a package that contains it. Worse it has to be a package, which has some slight chance of “winning”. This time arounf I’ll vote UKIP, even though it’s for privatisation, which I viscerally oppose.

At least I’m not a student, who voted for Lib Dems, because their package included free tuition (reminds me of Sky and their Sports packages and “Sky1 will always be free”).

I want to be able to pay for the TV channel, which I’m watching, not the 200+, which I’m not watching.

I want to vote on single political issues, not some pillock, who’ll use my vote for things I oppose.



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