@David_Cameron I really love the attitude of Government backed privatised concerns. They really don’t care.

As a follow up to a previous blog about a Swansea DVLA  problem, I received this:

Dear Mr Shale

Thank you for your email received on 13/5/14. Your email reference number is 2062072.

I am sorry to learn that you have received correspondence for a vehicle of which you have never owned.

So that we may investigate your enquiry and remove your address from our records for this vehicle you will need to write or fax to us immediately, as a signature is required. If you have received a Registration Certificate (V5C) for the vehicle, this should be returned to DVLA with a covering letter.

When writing, please include the following information:

• vehicle registration number     (my observation: it’s a V5C. it has this info on it)

• make/model of the vehicle concerned (if known)

• brief explanation of the current situation

Please write or fax to:

Sensitive Casework
SA99 1ZZ

Fax: 01792 783083

You will receive a reply within 4 weeks.

Any statutory notices that you receive for the vehicle should be returned to the issuing authority giving what details you can for the vehicle. Only the issuing authority are in a position to make a decision based on the evidence you provide.

Do not reply to this email. If you wish to contact us again about this response then please use our Reply Form or copy and paste the following URL in to your browser:


When filling in the form the email reference number 2062072 will be required.


J Clark

DVLA Contact Centre

Again a do-not-reply email with do our job for us and if you do get any comeback from this, it’s your problem. Don’t bother us.

My reply on their please-fill- in-your-details-again- form- you-annoying-pleb e-form:

I’m glad that you are sorry that I have received this document with a stranger’s name on it, however I have already posted it back to the address given, without an accompanying address. if a signature is required then i suggest you send me a letter with the details that I have already given and a reply envelope. you get paid to do this. I don’t.


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