Budget success(!) for Osborne= budget disaster’s for voter’s.

letter to Daily Express (13/05/14   not published)
Thank you for the article by political commentator Ross Clark.
This issue needed to be aired and I’m sure that the majority of your readership will not only agree with the views expressed but be wondering how why a Tory Government has attacked those, who, to a large extent, may be its own voters.
Most of the electorate, concerned, will have been fully aware of this unfair attack on their careful budgetting. Some may fervently believe that everyone should make provision for their old age and not rely on the Welfare State safety net. It’s as if George Osborne has publicly declared “more fool them”.
Osborne’s Government has rightly, or wrongly, been crowing about how his careful budgetting has dragged Britain back from the edge of financial ruin and he has been lauded by his closest supporter’s in the Media. Unfortunately for him, such people don’t have that many votes.
The people that he has crushed, in order to get his finances sorted, have lots of votes.
I have an image of a proud Victorian patriarch, arm clutched by an adoring wife, who has managed his Micawber level economics, by the simple expedient of selling off his children.
That’s the sort of image many may well be holding, next year.
On re-read, I can see why it wasn’t published


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