@David_Cameron This may be an example of how privatised firms could lead to crime

I received a car registration certificate at my home address, for a 1992 car (a scrapper?).

Instead of my name, it had the name Neil Lawson, room3.

This house is an ordinary, terraced house in Wigan.

It  is not a block of flats.

The letter stated on the back that it should be returned to SA31 2ET, if undelivered.  This is not Swansea DVLA  and seems to suggest that the sender expected that the address might not exist.

It may be that the DVLA has simply been incompetent and unable to arrange a simple address check procedure. This document smells like a scam. Either way it is tying my address to a potential problem and it needs sorting.

The police discounted it as a mere typo and suggested that I return it.

Swansea didn’t want to answer the phone, at the number supplied by the police desk.

Their online contact was an extensive menu with numerous potential wrong routes, which I seemed to have negotiated, because I received this;

Dear Mr shale

Thank you for your email received on 12/5/14. Your email reference number is 2058468.

If your name/address details are registered incorrectly on your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C ) you will need to highlight the error, fill in the amendment next to it and sign and date the declaration box.

If your vehicle needs taxing within the next 4 weeks, please take the V5C with the amendments written to the Post Office® to tax along with your MOT (if applicable) and the appropriate fee. The rates of vehicle tax for all vehicle types are available on the website http://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables

If the vehicle tax is not due you will need to send the whole V5C to:



SA99 1BA

A replacement V5C will be received within 4 weeks in both cases above.

This is a system generated response to your email enquiry. Do not reply to this email. If you wish to contact us again about this response then please use our Reply Form or copy and paste the following URL in to your browser:


If you have an additional enquiry then please use the appropriate form by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser:


When filling in the reply form the email reference number 2058468 will be required.

Further information can also be found at http://www.gov.uk/browse/driving


DVLA Contact Centre

Follow DVLA on Twitter: @dvlagovuk

Use our free vehicle enquiry service to view vehicle information held on DVLA records.

I replied to their on-line url with the following extra info.:

your system made it impossible to give you the true problem i.e. that the registration certificate for R466 gck was sent to:
Neil Lawson, room 3
but at my address:#;
Please correct your records. I do not want to be fined for what looks like it may be scrapped, or harassed by cold callers, who have paid for information from you.
I will post the document tothe address given in your no-reply email.

Swansea’s system seems to be competent and complete and I seem to have negotiated it but there are many who couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

This is where such systems allow wiggle room for scammers. The wiggle room needs looking at and these systems need to be made more user-friendly.



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4 Responses to “@David_Cameron This may be an example of how privatised firms could lead to crime”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hi, I received what looks like a new car registration document to my address, addressed to someone who has never lived here.
    I typed in the return postcode and your blog came up.
    Did you open letter or get police to?
    I don’t want cars linked to my address looks like fraud to me…

  2. J Parker Says:

    I know this information is a bit late, but if you look at the government website you will see that this post code IS related to the DVLA. It is their department for returned mail and returned EVL Tax Discs

  3. wiganshale Says:

    I’ve not heard anything more and if cops aren’t bothered, I’m not. At least I’ve got my part on my blog in case anything does arise.

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