Party politics isn’t about democratic choice. it’s about jostling for power

I sent this as a letter to the Daily Express. It wasn’t published, probably because it ramble’s and it didn’t appeal to a point that they wished to advance:
Despite Ed and Dave wanting to confine the forthcoming election debates to the economy and issues deriving fom that; there are other issues, which voters will base their choices on, regardless of this mock battle.
Obviously, both are having to take account of the public wish for a bit of democracy, by holding a referendum on EU membership. This has been almost entirely because Nigel Farage has exploited the glaring insanities of that membership.
The other issues, which they and Farage have chosen to sideline are related to the Global drive to privatise all State functions.
For voters, privatisation has been a fiasco but has been made more apparent by Dave Cameron’s acceleration of the carving up of the NHS.
The main parties have been squabbling over how much cash has been thrown at the NHS and how some aspects of the NHS have become not only unfit for purpose but harmful to the Public.
They believe that because the awarding of NHS contracts to private companies has been kept low-profile, no-one has noticed.
However, although it has not been widely covered in the mainline Media, that doesn’t not mean it has escaped Public notice via Social Media.
The emergence of the NHAparty etc. will become more difficult to ignore after local elections.
Labour has already become aware of the Public dissatisfaction with the privatised Railways and is considering re-nationalisation of them (Leo McKinstry’s knee-jerk moan about the ’70s won’t carry any weight with Today’s commuters).
It is noticeable that Ed has only commented about stopping further privatisation of the NHS, rather than any re-patriation of it.
He’s possibly worried about the EU’s signing of the TTIP and the EU’s commitment to further alignment with The USA’s medical system.
The privatisation of The Post Office was too obviously a rip-off of Public funds to escape notice. People are more aware that privatisation is not for their benefit.
By 2015, the privatisation of the Police and the use of Traffic Camera’s to raise revenue by the likes of G4S will have become more noticeable to the General Public.
The battle with the Fire Brigade to make it more saleable will have possibly passed, without being greatly noticed but the inability of Government to come up with any means of reining in the Energy Companies and their profiteering will definitely not pass unweighed in the electoral choices.
Strangely, UKIP hasn’t made as much of the EU inspired HS2 vanity as The Public would like but they have their own weak points and may want to focus on other EU failures.
Tories can attack Labour and UKIP on the NHS. Cameron’s EU defence is a paper Tiger that can be shredded by UKIP. Tories would do well not to attack Labour over Rail. Labour would do well to defend the Fire Brigade and actually be more pro-Union (UKIP can’t attack the Unions and Tories shouldn’t, whilst they are sacking so many voters). Tories will try to blame the energy situation on the LibDems (no-one will care about this failed party) and can be attacked by both UKIP and Labour (providing they can come up with a half plausible control measure).
This three party election is going to make the debates much trickier than Ed and Dave were looking forward to.

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