Politician’s and ,now, banker’s are perverting the word “Education”, as in “We must educate the Public”

Politician’s and banker’s seem to have incorporated a new word into our language. Actually it’s more a case of hijacking an old one and giving it a new twist.
At one time Education was something, which took place in schools, where pupils were taught to think clearly and become able to better understand various subjects: Their natural abilities were drawn out, or educed.
Later, during the War, the word was extended to educating The Public on how to cope with the deprivations of rationing; on how to innovate with the materials available.
This persisted, post-war, with Public information films on safe driving and trapping your germs in a handkerchief.
In the last decade this shifted towards “educating the public” on the benefits of membership of the EU and now HS2. The meaning having shifted towards that of propagandising the Public and browbeating them into acceptance of things which weren’t in their interest to accept.
Now the Banks are doing it. They tried first with ATM charges and scrapping cheques. They didn’t bother telling us about contactless debit cards, which can be used to debit our accounts, without our knowledge, using readers several metres from our wallets.
Now they are mounting a campaign to get us to download an app to our smartphones (smart?), which will allow us to “safely” phone money from our account to someone else’s.

Once more we are to be educated about how safe the system is.
Bearing in mind that “chip and pin” were being cloned before they had been fully implemented and that SSL online security has been compromised by Heartbleed, since several years ago, and bluetooth has enabled mobile phone viruses, it seems that the bankers’ version of “educating the public” means “conning the public”


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