Politicician’s are like conjuror’s, when they hold one hand up, watch the other.

We think ourselves superior to animals, because the bull attacks the cape, instead of the matador, or big cats attack the chair, thinking it’s a part of the lion tamer.
However, we are constantly misled, in precisely the same way by politician’s, their spin doctor’s and by the one-horse-jockey pressure groups that they, or their financial backer’s, promote.

Scare stories, about how hospital’s, school’s and the police, are failing are the most obvious examples; distracting us from the fact that able nurses, teacher’s, police etc. are being replaced by people with lower grade minds and cheaper salaries. A big shake-up, to improve the situation/s is alleged, whilst regrading of staff allows  a degrading of the necessary qualification’s. What does it matter if the policeman is unable to disarm a dangerous  villain, as long as he knows that hate crimes are more important. What does it matter if a nurse can’t tell when a patient is dehydrated, as long as she fills in the form to say that she showed compassion by refilling the water jug at the appointed time. What does it matter if a teacher has a poor command of English, so long as he/she follows the prescribed lesson plan and is obsequious to parents.

But it’s not just politicians selling off State assets; it’s those with low self esteem, who seek approval by proclaiming their compassion:  People like Rev Lovejoy’s wife in The Simpson’s, with her catchphrase of  “what about the children?”.  Substitute for “the children”, with “the rain forest”, “the whales”, “Global Warming”, “The planet”, or whatever is the latest issue, which we are all concerned about but unable to take any effective action.
The most annoying one, at the moment, is “Global Warming”. Misdirection which has led to carbon trading scams, green taxes (spent on what?), wind power installations which have achieved little more than make certain people richer. If Global warming is raising sea-levels, then the logical action would be for Government to insist that new build should be on higher ground, not insisting that speed limits be cut on all roads. (speeds less than 50 mph actually add to global warming more than higher speeds do). Turning off street lights hasn’t altered the situation either, it’s just, we have, recently, been told, increased the number of accidents and deaths.

We’ve known for decades that advances in Information Technology would lead to higher unemployment, as jobs became redundant but we did nothing useful (sic!) to cope with the increased number of unproductive citizens.

All Politicians did was slacken the qualifications for invalidity benefits and reduce the standards needed to attain a degree. This placed large numbers on benefits, or in pointless educational paper-chasing.
Now we have politicians blaming these citizens for ending up in the Cul-de-sacs, which their policies created.
They still have not come up with a solution, whilst the future-caster’s are warning them about the next tranche of redundancies, which are looming, as robots and Artificial Intelligence become better able to handle tasks previously handled by humans.

If robots are taking our jobs, cutting off people’s sources of income, shouldn’t we bite the bullet and either introduce death camps for the surplus population, or tell the Rich to rein in their greed and give these citizen’s entitlement to an unearned basic standard of living and an opportunity to achieve another function, within Society.


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