@Daily_Express Has the campaign to privatise our roads begun?

John Ingham’s piece on motorists (Today he’s Transport Editor: a man with many hats) headlines that road rage drivers are scaredy cats. It’s on par with “all bully’s are really cowards”. It’s appealing but dangerous. Some bully’s are just psychopath’s with muscle.
The piece raises the question, not of whether it is even Newsworthy, but who prompted it. The very last paragraph seems to indicate its purpose and its source:”At least 3 in every 10 struggle to continue driving, because of the cost of motoring-which probably explains why at least 64% ‌ all groups oppose pay-as-you-go roads.”

Is this the beginning of a Ministry of propaganda campaign to slag off any motorists, who might campaign against the privatisation of our roads? We’ve already had the admission that Councils are complaining about insufficient funds to repair the growing menace of potholes. Presumably the next step is for a Junior Minister to go on BBC’s ” Question Time” and suggest that we need private money to be invested.


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