It’s time we terraformed Mars and stopped poking it with a stick

I’ve just been watching “The Sky at Night” TV program.
People were very excited about their work investigating the nature of Mars and its History.
Problem is that Man’s interest in Mars and Marsology must be for the more pragmatic reason of being able to escape from Earth.
We need a lifeboat in case the Earth hits a metaphorical iceberg.
A single rock wiped out the dinosaurs, another one could do the same to us.
Setting up a bubble city on Mars will not be sufficient to preserve the species. We need to terraform Mars and populate it. We need a Mars capable of coming to our rescue and resuscitating our civilisation.
Our main opponents wiil be those Marsologists, who are presently exploring the planet.
The reason that they will oppose us, is that we will have to destroy the evidence of Mars’s past.
The explanation is simple: For Humans to live on Mars, it will need an atmosphere.
It’ll need an atmosphere to warm it up (Greenhouse effect) and to allow us and plants to breathe and walk about outdoors.
This is not presently possible, because Mars is too small. It is too small, because it’s gravity is too low to keep an atmosphere.   It has actually lost its atmosphere because its escape velocity is lower than the average speed of its “air” molecules. The only reason it still has any “air” is that it is too cold for the remaining molecules to escape the gravity field.
We need to increase its mass and warm it up.
Farther out from the Sun, there is the Asteroid belt. It is possible that we could push asteroids into a collision path with Mars.
As they smashed into Mars the energy released would melt and meld them into a new bigger planet. Mars would lose its identity and would be terraformed.
The process might take centuries but in the process, we would evolve into a space-going species, with new technologies such as the hypothised solar yachts.
We would have possibly extended exploration to terraforming some of Jupiter’s moons. Our understanding of nuclear fusion might evolve into a fusion rocket drive based on extracting fuel from the gas giants.
Long term, we need, as a species, to embrace such idea’s before we lose our chance.

The Caldera of yellowstone could destroy our civilisation next week. There could be big rock on its way, which doesn’t have an orbit in the Solar Ecliptic and so is effectively invisible. (we’re not looking in its direction and the Sun isn’t lighting it up).

There have be a number of mass extinctions on Earth, whose cause we have not identified. Life has persisted but it has had to re-evolve. It’s only this time around that we , as sentient beings, have evolved.
Stll I’ve only got another 15 years, or so, so it’s only an intellectual problem for me. It’s really a question for our descendants to ponder. Should they live for Today, or should they plan for Tomorrow and for their children.


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