why bother with searching for Earth like planets ?

Astronomers claim that they have found a planet, which could sustain life.

It’s slightly bigger than Earth but we could adapt, I suppose.

The only problem is it is too distant…….It’s 500 Light-years away.

Our moon rockets only travel at about 25,000 mph i.e. 11,200 m/s, or Earth escape velocity.
It would take such a rocket 1.3 million years to get there.

Such a rocket, if it achieved the journey would lose any atmosphere well before its arrival and assuming no major mishaps,  the spacedust, alone, would turn it into a shapeless sponge.

Within the realms of possibility/fantasy, we could achieve nuclear fusion, modify an asteroid, complete with biosphere, pick up some comets from the Oort cloud (ejectile matter and fuel) and accelerate/decelerate to maybe an average of 10% the speed of light. that’s still 5000 years, or 15,000 generations of in-breeding and social problems.

It’s not realistic to travel there, except as a Space-faring civilisation (sort of Space gypsy’s), who’d be unsuited to living on a planet. Such knowledge might then be useful to us in terms of raping the planet; as visualised in the film “Independence Day”

Suppose we had the UPSS Enterprise with forcefields, warp-drive and sub-space communications, if they existed!
At warp factor 10, it’d take 50 years to get there and 50 to get back. What would be the point? Any colonists would be stranded 50 years away from any help.

Why is this Newsworthy? Why are they searching for such planets?

If the planet had life and a sentient being had evolved and created a civilisation that had developed radio communications and was actively transmitting  messages, which we could receive, and was actively listening for replies and had receivers which could detect our transmissions, assuming they were strong enought to travel the distance without too much dispersion etc. etc.  Assuming all this what would they be likely to want to talk to us about?

Let’s see about trying to reach Mars and terraform that. That’ll keep us busy for a few centuries.


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