@FreeviewTV I like the new “movies for men” channel

I like the new movies for men channel.

The programs are mainly B and C rated films and some of them are almost amateurish but they are more watchable than much of what passes for entertainment on mainstream TV.

From 7:00 p.m. until 10 p.m. all we are fed is representations of what is claimed to be “Real Life”.

Soap opera’s full of screeching fish wives and wimpish, henpecked, idiot males. The cast all seemingly dressed as if on MP’s salaries (with fiddled expenses).

Reality shows, where C-list celebrities and/or chav’s are held up to ridicule as “good sports”.

Competitions, where more c-listers etc. are made to perform on successors to the Gong Show.

Quizzes where people on low wages are invited to show their ability to correctly guess at the answer’s to obscure area’s of knowledge and popular culture (see above TV progs) for ridiculously small amounts of cash. Sometimes the contestants are c-listers competing for charity (appearance fee’s not included), with suitably less arcane material.

After 10p.m., it’s News, program’s discussing the News and programs trying to find humour in the News, later, drifting into comedy, which relies mainly on exaggerated vocal tones to let the audience know that they are supposed to laugh.

Finally, it’s time for bed and last bit viewing, after a night out. Bits of rudery, mixed in with intellectual and other minority viewing. Sometimes a combination of all three.

The new channel is a welcome addition to my usual fare of football, Stargate, Startrek, Charmed, Big Bang Theory and other progs, which I’m catching sixth time around.


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