@Ed_Miliband: Could this be the future of our prison service (post-privatisation)?

I get regular e-mails from The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (aclu@aclu.org)

We seem to be modelling ourselves on America’s system of Government and the issues raised by the ACLU make depressing reading.

It seems that when American Politicians spout about Freedom, they don’t mean freedom from hunger, fear, persecution etc.

They mean freedom from Government interference  in those causing hunger, fear, persecution etc.

We’ve seen it with the destruction of the NHS and the trade agreement, with the EU, that will harmonise our privatised Health Service with that of Obamacare.

The email below gives an image of what a privatised Prison Service might look like:

Do you know the CCA?

No, not the dance from the 1980s by the group with the colorful outfits (that’s the YMCA)—I’m talking about the company formed in 1983 that now makes $1.7 billion in taxpayer money each year for imprisoning people. It’s the Corrections Corporation of America.

And because the United States puts more people in jail than any country on earth, business is booming.

Of course, it also helps their bottom line that many states have given the CCA sweetheart deals—such as contracts that force the government to pay extra money if prison beds are any less than 90% full. Even worse, many of the CCA’s filthy prisons are understaffed and plagued by horrific cases of prisoner abuse and neglect.

But right now, states from Texas to Kentucky are waking up to this injustice and canceling their contracts with these prison profiteers. So we’re going to turn up the heat and bring the fight to the state where the CCA makes its home: Tennessee.

Will you stand with thousands of ACLU activists and sign the petition calling on Tennessee Governor Haslam to cut ties with the CCA?

If we can chip away at the CCA’s public image and push Governor Haslam to end contracts with them in their home state, it will have a ripple effect across the country.

It won’t be an easy fight. The CCA spends millions each year in campaign contributions propping up politicians who support the for-profit prison industry. Many of these politicians have also supported legislation—such as “truth in sentencing” and “three strikes” laws—that helped fill private prisons with more bodies for longer sentences.

That’s our taxpayer money hard at work, ruining the lives of so many people, often for non-violent crimes.

But this Tax Day, we’re launching a major initiative to reveal the CCA for what it really is: a national disgrace. If thousands of ACLU supporters stand together right now, we have a real chance to deal a major blow to their dirty business



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2 Responses to “@Ed_Miliband: Could this be the future of our prison service (post-privatisation)?”

  1. @Ed_Miliband: Could this be the future of our prison service (post-privatisation)? | Linda Art Says:

    […] Read more here: @Ed_Miliband: Could this be the future of our prison service (post-privatisation)? […]

  2. southwerk Says:

    It is to be hoped that your country will learn from the prison problems we have in the United States and avoid privatization. I certainly hope you do. jp

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