the present design for spectacles hampers breathing.

We(I) need a new design for spectacles.

I find that they pinch my nose and restrict my breathing.

Unfortunately I can’t envisage an alternative means of fixing them on.

I did toy with the notion of hanging them from piercings in my eyebrows but then they would swing away, as I looked down at something.

I tried pulling the nose rests off them and wrapping some wool around the bridge, so they rested on the central bone, but the wife complained that it looked stupid and wanted to leave the restaurant.
I actually use ready-spex but I use 3 different pairs.

I use a 1 dioptre for viewing TV, 2.5 for my computer monitor and 3.5/4 for reading, depending on light conditions and font size.

I’d go for contacts, except that they only fit one lens power.

In that respect I’d like to check out holographic contacts. It’d be great if you could combine holographs of multiple focal length lenses into one set of contacts. I don’t really get how they work but assume it’s something like fresnel lenses. The fact that no-one has produced them presumably means that they are impractical rather than no-one else has thought of them. Pity!


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