politics is about sociopaths in power

Forget about politics in terms of stated creeds. It’s really about pathology.
Ranged from, on the left, we have world views arising from those who care about others, to those, on the right, who don’t.

Broadly speaking we have on the political Left, the empaths, who, in extremis, would follow Jesus’s advice to the Levite, and give away all their possessions.
On the Right we have the Sociopaths, who would sell their own mother for an extra piece of toffee.

We have a spectrum of pathologies between these extremes but with an overlay of nurture on what is basic nature.
I.e. We’ll have empaths, born into the Right Wing culture and, because of their empathy with those nearest and dearest, will try to justify and rationalise Right-Wing mind-sets. Sometimes more vociferous than the natural sociopaths, who understand the value of appearing philanthropic.
We’ll have the naturally sociopathic, reared amongst, Socialist idealists, emulating their sentiments but unable to actually appreciate from whence those sentiments arise and, possibly, calling for a fatwah on anyone, who appears to concede any concession contrary to their adopted creed. Typically they will “hate” fascists, homophobes, or anyone else, who dares question established left-wing / kaffee-klatch targets.

In the middle, we have, by definition, the majority of people; The Demos.
People, who just want to get on with life, without too much strife; a few laughs, a few tears, a comfy bed, a full belly, etc. People who want to live “boring” lives.

The big problem is that it is the sociopaths, who rise to the top of the pile.
They are the people, who are prepared to hurt other’s to get the power and money, which will satisfy their selfishness.
These are the people, who will rig the deck to ensure that they stay at the top of the heap.
These are the people, who destroy any Democratic structure and create the void, which makes it easy for the killers to achieve power.
My favoured example of this comes from Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, who allowed the Demos to live (relatively) comfortable lives, whilst laying the foundations for Caligula.

The American founding father’s attempted to prevent such slides into autocracy by formulating The American Constitution (The Magna Carta was meant to do this but was only intended to apply to the peerage).
It worked to an extent but didn’t allow for amendments being made by the people in power, when they should have made any amendments subject to a referendum and specific to a particular case.

This is the problem with all legislative acts, where case law supercedes and perverts the original intent.

Back in the 18th century, it was virtually impossible to seek the collective opinion and wisdom of the Demos and it was necessary to assign executive power to elected representatives. This is no longer true.
It is possible for specific issues to be raised, presented to the people and voted on, within a matter of months, sometimes weeks.

The only bar to setting up such a form of Government, is the present set of Sociopaths, in power.

So, we need a re-worked version of the American constitution, suited to the modern I.T. World, a revolution to oust the ruling class and an electronic voting system that can’t be hacked by criminals, the NSAA , or any other organisations of Sociopaths.

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