Supermarkets need to note that the customer’s are having to be better shopper’s

I sent this in to the Daily Express after seeing a piece on Aldi.
If the likes of Asda etc. really want to know why they are losing custom to the likes of Aldi, they need to bear in mind that we are in the midst of an austerity regime. Fewer shoppers are in the same financial bracket as their CEO’s, our MP’s, or the likes of Stephen Fry, who famously quoted that he shopped at Waitrose “to avoid the riff-raff”.
Many of us are Baby-boomers, on a pension, with memories of our mother’s shopping in post-war Britain.
Admittedly, matters aren’t so dire as to resort to an Oxo cube and crackers for the meal of the day; however we did learn to look at the ingredients of our food and compare prices.
We didn’t buy ready meals and as more people are made redundant, or forced into lower paid employment, the likes of horsemeat lasagne are likely to disappear from shopping trolleys of the present generation.
A specific example of how Aldi has taken over can be gleaned from considering sausages, the basis of many a cheap homecooked meal.
For years our sausages have become more and more adulterated. They haven’t fallen to the depths of the chipshop sausage, eaten by drunks and smothered in curry, or ketchup, to disguise the rusk content. T
hey have come pretty close.
Until relatively recently, you could cook a sausage and on attempting to cut it, the cooked “meat” might squidge out of the ends of its impenetrateable skin.
Last Bonfire night, Aldi ran a promotion of a pack of sausages for £1 containing 72% pork. This at a time when the Big Supermarkets were still presenting us with similar sized packs at over twice the price and an industry standard 42% pork. The Aldi sausage may well have been pork rind , or whatever, but when you bit into it, your teeth “cut” through its contents.
They have, since, been selling sausages with 57% pork and a slightly more plastic skin, at £1.09.
Amazingly Asda seems to have noticed this and began stocking the same sausages but at about £1.98.
Supermarket CEO’s need to realise that in austerity Britain, people will look beyond their Bogoff’s, fair-trade sticker’s, organic produce etc to price AND value.
This means bacon that doesn’t spit when fried,or exude white gunge, when grilled. Joints that shrink to half their size, or are filled with stuffing. Ready meals, that appear to have been made from wallpaper paste with tomato and/or curry to give flavour.
The High Street could see a resurgence, as austerity bites deeper and shoppers look for cod’s head from the fishmonger, fades from the Greengrocer, or “bones for the dog”, from the butcher, when the food banks dry up.
Whatever! The times of fat and spivvery appear to be over, for the Big Supermarkets (outside Central London) and the faster they adapt, the greater the market share, they’ll retain.

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