more EU nonsense

Another letter to the Daily Express, arising from an article today (10/4/14)
Is this story, about car registration plates, genuine?
The fact that it has been brought to our notice by Tory MEP’s, who have also “vowed” to oppose it, suggests that it may be a scandal of the same nature as the “Yes, Minister” James Hacker sausage issue.
The problem is that this nonsense is entirely believeable, as it has been a matter of public derision since before the first airing of the “Yes, Minsister” series in 1980.
EU harmonisation has continued for so long that it is quite possible that Eurocrats have lost sight of their own dream of modelling Europe on the USA, forgetting that U.S. plates actually carry state emblems, for easier identification.
The U.S. doesn’t feel the need to incorporate “Old Glory” on its registration plates. Their people actually voted for Union and would be proud to display the symbols of their unity.
We didn’t get to vote for union and, for us, the EU flag holds less respect than McDonalds golden arches.

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