#Occupy will Obama really curtail NSA activity?

This report from an on-line news service is not something that should excite non-American’s and perhaps not even American’s:
“The Obama administration is preparing to unveil a legislative proposal for a far-reaching overhaul of the National Security Agency’s once-secret bulk phone records program in a way that — if approved by Congress — would end the aspect that has most alarmed privacy advocates since its existence was leaked last year, according to senior administration officials. Under the proposal, they said, the N.S.A. would end its systematic collection of data about Americans’ calling habits.”
It will not apply to UK phone calls and, since GCHQ will be allowed full access to NSA resources, our calls will still be fully available to the Government, who can deny any illegal snooping on their own part.
It makes me wonder if the arrangement is reciprocal, meaning that the NSA will continue its US surveillance but channelling everything through Echelon at RAF Menwith Hill .


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One Response to “#Occupy will Obama really curtail NSA activity?”

  1. progressivewatch Says:

    I would not hold my breath. The man is a radical progressive, as such he seeks ever more government power and control. He is not going to give up the power that the NSA spying gives him. It will have to be taken from him by congress. That won’t happen until the Senate is liberated from the clutches of the Soft Spoken Tyrant Harry Reid.

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