Privatisation will be the death of Capitalism.

Victorian Capitalism relied on using the masses to create stuff to sell to the masses.
The principle was maximise profits, by raising prices and reducing costs (wages).

In that context the present World is unbalanced.

Advances in I.T. mean you don’t need as many workers but you still need customers.
Capitalists can’t cope with the idea of giving masses the money to buy their Goods.

The only way that Capitalism could achieve balance was by paying taxes for the State to employ the masses to provide services.

However they couldn’t cope with either paying taxes or with having a public sector, so they bought into “the evil of State ownership” and the concept of privatisation. i.e. make the masses pay to stay alive and cut State benefits.

However, what if they went the whole way and stopped all State benefits and all State run services, completely removing the need for taxes etc., how can they sell anything?

Who would buy?

The masses, assuming they didn’t manage a successful revolution, like The damn Reds, would have all died of starvation and disease.

No customers mean no profit and that’s what the Capitalists can’t get their head around.

They’re like the Elephant tusk and Tiger bone and shark fin and rhino horn poacher’s.

They’re still making profit and scarcity is improving their profit margin.

One day they’ll wake to a World without Elephants, tigers rhino’s or sharks but  they won’t understand how it happened. It’ll be too late. The World that they controlled will be fucked and they may even understand what all those Left Wing nutjobs were trying to tell them.


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