@TheGreenParty The Mersey Ferry, The Severn and Tidal Power

When I was a kid in Liverpool, we’d often “go across the water” on a sunny Summer day. This meant catching the ferry boat to Birkenhead, or New Brighton, or, rarely Seacombe , or Rock Ferry. Originally there were over a dozen destinations, sadly only Birkenhead remains Today.

The most important part of the journey was running down the gangplank at the PierHead, because if we were running down, rather than climbing up, it meant the tide was out. The best was when the gangplank was so steep that we couldn’t properly control our speed and had to run into a wall on the floating dock to stop ourselves.

However the point of this item is not to reminisce about my childhood but remark on a form of alternative energy, which we seem to be missing out on.

There are various ways of harnessing Tidal Power but the only large scale ones being exploited are estuarial barriers, such as that envisaged for the Severn.

This was to have a double purpose of providing a link road between S.Wales and England, a boon to business etc.

The problem with the scheme was that it would involve a rigid structure with turbines lying across the flow. This was a problem because existing such structures became rapidly defunct, as silt built up behind the barrier.

However, if the roads were built to float, on hydraulic columns, these and associated problems would cease to exist.

The technology for the floating docks (at the PierHead) is well known and the use of hydraulics to drive turbines has already been established with the Salter Ducks technology, which we gave to the Japs. (a scandal in its own rights).

This’d be a damn sight more useful than HS2, which to all intents is merely an EU vanity project, designed , I suspect, to make Haliburton  et al even richer.

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