Never mind Europe, look at the benefits of austerity!!!

Just another unpublished whinge letter to the Express:

Leo McKinstry rightly anticipates a potential Labour victory at the General Election.

He also points up what The Conservatives consider their Ace in the hole.

They will direct our attention to the financial state of the country, when they came to power and compare that with the claimed prediction of a growth in the Economy.

To the Government, this is considered their lifeboat that will assure their re-election but how convinced will voters be?

 Many voters will see the banker’s continuing to rake in huge bonuses, despite being the cause of the financial disaster and despite being the main hindrance to capitalisation of small businesses.

 What does a possible growth in the economy mean to voters?

 If you are a nurse, soldier, policeman, civil servant who has lost their job through the Government’s austerity  drive, it will mean little to be told that growth may mean that they might be able to get a more curmudgeonly rewarded job, with a private organisation, such as G4S, in some vague future.

To the disabled kicked out of Remploy and then denied financial support by Atos, it will appear meaningless, it will appear as a taunt from the well-heeled.

 To those relying on the State Pension, it simply means ever increasing prices and an ever increasing struggle to stretch their income to pay for basic utilities. Add to a threat of asset rape should they need to go into a care home.

 To everyone unable to afford medical Insurance, it will just mean that private health industry will boom and they will face charges for services that were once free.

The true benefit scroungers will neither know nor care. They may step up their petty thievery but it won’t make any difference to their voting, because they don’t vote.

When the politicians go knocking on doors, they’ll realise that this lifeboat, of economic growth,  is illusory and that relying on the fruit’s of Osborne’s divine leadership is more a case of clutching at straws.

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