How quickly is History re-written. Remember the Monokini?

I’ve just watched “Britain on Film” and, although it showed actual footage from the 60’s and early 70’s, it lied about how we were.

What was filmed was, apart from a few clips of plebs, was the “in-crowd”. The “in-crowd” were not the trend-setters, or the main-stream representatives.

The “in-crowd”, as displayed to cinema audiences, were the debs and their swains.

The “Swinging London “ of Carnaby Street and the King’s Road wasn’t the centre of what was happening. The only people buying more than one frock, there, were the inhabitants of Mayfair.

Even the music , being shown on television, didn’t reflect the true scene.

Post Beatles, we had a surge of Merseybeat , followed by Manchester and then North-East groups.

The Stones were the exception, in that they didn’t emulate the Beatles,  but captured the essence of the Rocking R&B, that had sparked off the new wave of British Pop.

Tin Pan alley tried to take control of the new music but the best that they could manage was the short-lived Dave Clark Five.

There were other Southern groups who achieved fame, outside of the Establishment, but they did so, because London is populous and those groups had talent e.g. Manfred Mann and The Kinks.

In terms of dress, the “in-crowd” were a year behind the fashions.

When  the “in-crowd” were adopting Beatle cuts, the plebs were adopting hippy hair. As the “in-crowd” adopted hippy hair, the plebs were trimming that hair and sporting Zapata’s etc.

The fashion houses tried to direct the scene but failed.

The most striking example of this, because it seems to have been spectacularly expunged from media memory, was an attempt to promote topless dresses.

Only cat-walk models and the “in-crowd” were ever seen “Tits-out”, in Public.

How many of the present generation have ever seen any reference to the monokini ( in the Media?

See how easy it is to re-write History, even within living memory.

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