get used to being stuck in the EU

Another unpublished letter to the D.Express:

David Miliband knows what’s best for us.

Like David Cameron and George Osborne, he has a PPE degree from Oxford, so he has been taught to understand why we should stay in the EU.

They are all “leaders” and none of them need the Plebs telling them what to do.

Parliamentary Democracy isn’t about pandering to populist opinion.

True leaders are men of conviction, who like shepherds, oversee our dumb lives, deciding where we go, what we do, how often to fleece us and how long we can be considered to have any value.

He, like the present PM, has promised that if there is any major change in our relationship with the EU, he will let us have a referendum on that change.

What change would either consider sufficient to force them to let us have any say?

It is impossible to believe either would accept any change, warranting an IN-OUT  Referendum, except that of a landslide vote for UKIP.

As that is unlikely,  we’d better resign ourselves to poorer pastures under Franco-German governance


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