It’s not racist, if you attack a named person. It’s just meaner.

I looked up the French term for Germans (Boche), and basically (based on my translation) it comes down to “blockhead”.
I.e. “Germans are stupid”
The term “Welsh” seems to have been the English for “gabblers” just as the term barbarian was the Greek term (emulating sheep going baa!baa!) for the same.
These terms would nowadays be called racist.
But, then, any term for another racial / national group  is in modern terms, racist and to be despised.
Even terms based on common names are now construed as racist. just as Scots will call a stranger “Jimmy”, because it is/was a common Scottish name (possibly after James Stuart), Welshmen were Taffy (Daffyd) to the English. Scots were “Jocks” ( a variation of Jacques = James), Irish were Paddy’s (Padraig/Patrick, the Patron Saint) or Micks (Michael), Spaniards were Dago’s (Diego/ James the Patron Saint) etc.
The problem came with the term Negro for African’s.
Originally just meant to convey, in a posh way, the skin colour of African’s.
It became Nigrah/nigger but more importantly it was used as an expression of contempt by the slave owning white supremacists of the Southern states of the USA. this particular word, now often cowardly referred to as the N-word, became an abomination in the USA and, because we ape USA fashions, in the UK.
We had a term “WOG” (Westernised Oriental Gentleman), which was just as sneering but hadn’t got the same publicity as the former. In consequence the term is never used nowadays, because racism is so unacceptable that it has been quietly dropped.
Racism thrives; you’re just not, now, allowed to acknowledge the fact.
“Whites” are still “honky’s” and I’m sure that there many other terms being applied to people of my ethnic grouping.
Some are used openly e.g. “Scouser” is a term which originally just referred to my being born in Liverpool but now means a shiftless , pugnacious lying thief, with a high pitched voice.
It is even acceptable to make  jokes, on TV, about this stereotype.
It is not okay to crack jokes about people with antecedents from Africa, India, China, etc.
It is okay to crack jokes about UK regional types, or more often personal Jokes.
Got a joke about someone with a big nose?
Well you can’t tell it about a tokenised Jew, any more,(that’s racist) but you can pick a White bloke with a big nose, e.g. Barry Manilow, and make it a personal attack.
You can’t make jokes about the disabled but you can name a specific handicapped person e.g. Stephen Hawking, whom we all love and admire, so it’s OK.
We’ve moved away from generalised nicknames to racial stereotypes and now , great improvement, we pick on individuals and attack their  differences, for our entertainment.
We are no longer racist (in public), we are just mean to individuals.
How much more Civilised to attack an individual, a single voice of protest, more likely to cower and suicide, than a generic person, whose geno-types can unite into a much louder protest group and attack us.


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