@Ed_Miliband @David_Cameron Why you won’t confront @Nigel_Farage

This was a letter to the Daily Express (not published):
From numerous reports on the motives of David Cameron, it seems that he definitely wants to see The UK remain in The EU and any pretence at favouring a referendum is a mere smokescreen to hinder the mass migration of his rank and file to UKIP.

Meanwhile Ed Miliband’s silence on a referendum is deafening in its support for shackling The UK to the EU.
Neither wants an EU referendum to be an issue in the forthcoming General Election, so I would not be at all surprised to find that they not only supported Clegg in his proposal to confront Farage (in a live TV debate) but that they had actually connived at it and would be offering tactical advice.
If Clegg is slain, it’d be no great loss and would provide justification for Ed and Dave to insist on a private debate, with the economy / austerity as the sole issue to be elected on.
If Clegg can land a few punches, then they can use this as an excuse to dismiss any comments made by UKIP.

Either way, an EU referendum will not be allowed to be a major issue in the General Election.

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