So what if Chris Smith resigns? The Environment Agency will still have the same people running it.

This is a letter I sent to The Daily Express:

Surely the blame for the inaction on the flooding does not purely lie with Chris Smith, or George Osborne.
Osborne’s austerity measure’s provide a good excuse for the inaction and Chris Smith was, of course, paid £100k p.a. precisely for the purpose of taking the blame.
However the under-lying problem lies with the political elite needing a way to reward their allies.
The Rich will be happy with being ennobled but the party hacks want a sinecure and, although David Cameron came into office promising to get rid of Quango’s, it soon became obvious that he saw the advantages of such non-essential organisations. (Has anyone done a stock-take of them?)
Highly lucrative posts, paid from Public funds but within his power to dispense are obviously useful to a P.M.
Chris Smith doesn’t run The Environmental Agency, any more than Chris Patten runs the BBC.
These and other quango’s are run by highly paid professional’s, appointed on the basis of their relevant experience.
These retired Government Minister’s never have any relevant experience, other than shuffling papers at Board meetings and appearing on Newsnight to bluff down public censure.
If blame is to be apportioned, it must go to the Minister charged with oversight of the relevant quango.
If he can justify its existence, then he must check its terms of reference and how well it complies.
In the case of the Environment Agency, it seems that its purpose of protecting the environment has been distorted.
Instead of protecting the countryside, its flora and fauna, for the benefit of the Nation, it has worked to the benefit of those with an interest in the study of the flora and fauna.
Instead of the relevant Minister, guided by his officials, ensuring that the interests of the people were given proper balance, he has let this Quango free-wheel into a disaster.
If David Cameron and his successor’s wish to persist with these Grace and Favour appointments, then clear guidelines need to be set as to the oversight function of the appointee’s and Minister’s need to check that the Chris’s et al are following them.

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