I reckon Wall Street has #occupy -ed the UK and most of The World.

Let me, once more, recommend Naomi Klein’s  book “The Shock Doctrine”.

After reading it, bear in mind that the Chicago school of economics has provided the lecturer’s for most University Economics courses and that most of our political leaders did PPE degree’s at Oxford (Including Dave, Ed and George) and/or worked for one of the major non-tax paying international banks such as Goldmann-Sachs (main vote on City of London) and you wonder if we have any chance of avoiding a World dictatorship.

Recently a law was passed so it’s now illegal to organise any protest, which can be construed as favouring one political party over another i.e. if politicians choose not to debate the NHS or EU, then it won’t be an issue in the General election News coverage.

No party (apart from UKIP, so it won’t happen) has to promise to allow a referendum on membership of EU.

The USA has signed trade deals with the EU and with an Australasian bloc to have a level trading field.

The significance of that is that if Labour get in, then they can claim that they can not reverse the privatisation of the NHS, which will be effectively downgraded to the USA’s very weak Obamacare.


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