“flood, drought and failed Government” letter to @Daily_Express

A long time back, I read an article, which stated that the weather runs on an 11 year cycle and that, for Britain we had a history of flood following drought, following flood.
The pertinent part of the article was that the old WaterBoards and then the Water Companies and Environment Agency seemed blissfully unaware of this fact and consequently wasted money.
After a period of flooding, they’d dredge the river margins and straighten their water courses.
Five years later, the river’s would become a trickle, reservoirs and lakes would dry up, we’d have hose pipe bans and there’d be a panic call to commandeer the canals and build waterways to fetch water from the North to the gardens and farms of the Home Counties.
Rivers would have bends put back in to slow their flow and protect the wildlife. Farmers were given subsidies to turn their bottom lands into wetlands for the same wildlife.
No lessons have appeared to have been learned in the last century and it is becoming more important that Government take action, as the ever increasing population worsens the associated problems.
More people not only means greater water consumption, it means more concrete covering open land. At present, it means that more flood plains and reservoirs are used for landfill and housing development.
Despite austerity, we need to develop the infrastructure needed to cope with the population surge, which we will experience; partly as a consequence of our political leaders wish to deny us a referendum on leaving the EU.
In the U.S.A., they have storm drains, (essentially spare river beds) to cope with sudden floods. Instead of dredging the rivers, causing a major drought headache, in five years time, we need to ban development on flood plains and then build any new flood barricades along their margins, rather than within them.
We need to plan for new reservoirs and to upgrade those reservoirs that the Water companies are keeping at marginal maintenance.
We need whichever Quango boss monitoring the activities of the Water Companies, to hire someone who understands what is needed and to get the relevant Minister’s to legislate for it.


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