@BBC4 lowers quality

I’m watching BBC4’s “Rome’s Lost Empire” and squirming.

Why for God’s sake put on this fakery of posing questions about a not-so-new technique of revealing lost cities etc..

Feigning high tension over this investigation, as if it is happening right now, on this instant, with everyone involved worrying about whether they will succeed in their quest. 

We know that if it was a total bust, there would have been no program.

Why has BBC4 abandoned its past format of assuming that any viewer’s of such a program, put out at this time of night (10:;00 pm), on New Year’s Eve, will be serious minded adults.

Why use a presentation more suited to cbbc or Fox? Things aren’t merely interesting, they’re amazing, stupendous and other wordsusually associated with Marvel comics.

He couldn’t even refer to Dacia, modern day Roumania, without displaying a map designating the area as Transylvania..

How long before David Attenborough’s future successor deliver’s Nature programmes in a similar insulting fashion?

Brilliant dialogue

Dan Snow: “There’s an embankment here. what do you think it is?”

Expert replies: “It’s clearly an embankment.!”

I give up. I’ll wait until The Discovery Channel covers the topic.


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