From volunteers accepting charity donations to CEO’s maximising profits.

In recent times I’ve been invited to adopt a guide-dog, an elephant, a tiger, a leopard, a polar bear, an animal of my choice and various zoo’s / wildlife parks.
These offers are actually requests to sign up to monthly direct debit payments of £2 to £5 with options to donate larger amounts.
Of these, the only one, which actually excites my sympathy is the guide dogs for the blind.
I don’t really understand the attraction in paying to help protect animals in a foreign land, which, if they roamed free in this country, would be quickly despatched.
Even with the quide dogs, the notion of signing a direct debit seems odious.
But it’s not just adopt an animal charities, which are causing me concern.
There seems to be a plethora of worthwhile charities asking for access to my bank account.
The whole process has become a business and a livelihood for so many.
a quick Google for charity donations will bring up numerous worthy causes from the local based “litle Jimmy needs an operation” to the frequent campaigns to help the victims of man-made strife, or natural disaster

There are numerous disease specific collections.

There are hopital and hospices needing extra funds.

There are many organisations collecting to support parallel aims. For instance the Privatised Water companies have set up Water Aid, duplicationg Unicef’s effort’s. Cancer might have been long banished, if the numerous Cancer research organisatioons had amalgamated saving on the funds spent on overheads.
This last item is the one that causes me most concern.
Charity is the greatest of the virtues and the one dearest to the hearts of most people (not just The British) but it seems to me a virtue, which is being exploited to an increasing extent by the greedy and the parasitic.

At the bottom we have those faking a charitable cause, even exploiting their own children as a source of income.
We have those, who have started out campaigning on a “something must be done about drink-driving/ savage dogs /the homeless /global warming/badger culls etc. etc.

Campaigns need funds and a charity organisation is set up. Once it’s set up, it gains inertia and persists long after it has fulfilled its initial purpose. It appends new causes and becomes the full time employment of too many people to just terminate.
Further up the ladder, we have the established organisations, which become big enough to eschew volunteer’s for professional’s with CEO’s, heads of advertising, area manager’s, shop manager’s etc. These CEO’s will often have salaries comparable to large manufacturing companies.
Such charities are effectively businesses, with profit motive being their main driving force. Relying on trade journal’s and consultancies, they have secondary businesses, who rely on their continued existence. not just printer’s and independent TV companies but solicitior’s. auditor’s etc.
This website highlightss the nature of this Industry:

From a period, when we had only one flag day (poppies), bob-a-job, harvest festival, RSPCA, we have entered a period, where there are regularly national appeals for somewhere in the World. There are nightly TV adverts for one or more charities. There are,frequently, charity related items, which have been placed in newspapers. There are  numerous charity shops on most High Streets and it is rare to make any shopping trip without encountering at least one charity collector, although, thankfully chugger’s are less frequent.
As austerity bites and Government dumps more of their less saleable functions onto the Charity scene, the ensuing carnage could be quite bitter,


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