Parliamentary pantomime season as sent to @Daily_Express.

I think the pay-rise promised to MP’s , excepting them from the austerity measures, which they have only too willingly visited on others, is a disgrace.

It must be especially galling for all those nurses, squaddies and other public servants, who have been made redundant as Xmas and Winter approach.

As Sir Keith Joseph (Maggie’s mentor) proclaimed “Carrot’s for the bosses, the stick for the Worker’s”

It must seem to many other’s, beside myself,  that Parliament has joined in the spirit of The Pantomime season.
Ann Widdecombe opened it for me, by proclaiming that MP’s payrise had been the result of the deliberation’s of an independent panel.
I’m sure there must have been many who mentally chorused “Oh! no, they’re not” in response to the use of the word “Independent”.
Just because a word appears on the label, it doesn’t mean that that’s what’s in the Findus Lasagne.
In what way is IPSA, independent?
Were the member’s elected by the people? “Oh! no, they weren’t”
Who selected the member’s of this panel? To whom do they owe their patronage?
No doubt we would all recognise their names( “Oh! no, we wouldn’t”)
No doubt we can trust the selector’s to have chosen people with impeccable references people such as Andy Coulson, perhaps.
Who ensures that IPSA member’s aren’t suborned?
Who oversee’s their activities?
I suspect that they will have to report to a Select Committee of impartial MP’s.
I may be expressing a very cynical view of the situation but I suspect that past examples, of Parliamentery morality, will mean that there will be many other voter’s with a similar jaundiced view of this matter.
Then the P.M. rose in Parliament to announce that he and the other party leaders were opposed to this pay rise and this might carry some weight with the “independent” panel.
More Pantomime?
The announcement that implementation will be postponed until after the General Election, merely adds to the scepticism; implying that the money will be grabbed, MP’s, with both hands, safe in the knowledge that the voters will have five years to be distracted by other crises, manufactured by that Parliament.
Perhaps Ann should remind Parliament that Pantomime is meant to wholesome and humorous.


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