you can’t vote for “None of the Above”. It’s the Law.

Apparently, if you want to register a new party for elections, you have to get permission and approval for your chosen name at

You are specically banned from chosing “None of the Above”.

You are required to offer a name for approval, meaning that you are at the mercy of the vagaries of a nameless bureaucrat. What a wonderful way of avoiding a new party having a self descriptive name such as Labour or Conservative.

Obviously any name that suggests that you don’t believe in the two party system will be disallowed and you’ll be forced to assume the meaningless title of independent.

I assume that the NHAParty wanted to register as the “NHS party” or “Save our NHS”. the allowed name doesn’t actually let you know anything about their raison d’être.

The argument given is that it might be misleading. People who might want to vote to save the NHS, or register a protest vote, could be misled into doing exactly that.


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