Another reason I’ll vote @NotaVote

A letter to the local paper prompted by another story in the Wigan Observer about the Labour council trying to attack another independent councillor for umpteenth time.

They always fail to prove charges but dig it up for some mud-slinging in May.

After reading about Councillor Brierley being censured again, I wonder what the purpose of a Councillor is.
Let’s face it, who would stand as an independent Councillor, unless he, or she, were an active person seeking to achieve an effective resolution of the problem’s faced by the people in their ward?
Why do their wards keeping voting such people back into office, rather than the usual type of candidate, offered by Labour, and despite repeated attempts by the established Council to condemn them.
Councillor Brierley’s constituents obviously don’t want someone who just toes the party line and who has to check with their hierarchy before sending a polite request in to Council officers to look into any grievances.
If that grievance is a consequence of a decision by the Labour cabinet, a Labour councillor isn’t likely to do more than fob off the constituent with some feigned sympathy and regret.
Independent councillor’s tend to be abrasive personalities rather than the “jolly decent” type of voting fodder, chosen by the established parties.
In Councillor Brierley’s case the problem appears to be that he’s stood up for a constituency member and ruffled a few feather’s.
Unless he has been abusive towards frontline staff, rather than an obstructive official, then he is merely doing his duty.
As far as the NHS is concerned, we appear to be seeing more problems, nationally, with officials trying to impose cover-ups on bad practice, as the NHS is edged ever closer to privatisation, We bseem to be daily confronted with stories of front-line staff being forced to cut corners and/or being replaced by cheaper, less dedicated people.
Whilst I have a lot of faith in those staff I have met, I am well aware of the cuts being made nationally and I would welcome more councillor’s like Councillor Brierley, who seems to be one of the few people who is prepared to fight for the individual.
My own voting will be for any independent Councillor, although nationally I may cast my vote for the “notavote” ( candidate.


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