@BBCNews CPS report does not support Tory version of Plebgate

The orchestrated campaign  against the Police, who claim that they were abused by Mitchell, is given lie to by the actual CPS Press Release Tuesday 26th November 2013 | 12:05
Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, said:
We have considered all of the evidence in this case, including previously unseen, unedited CCTV footage from Downing Street, not referred to by the media. Taking it all into account, including the accounts of the officer at the gate of Downing Street and that of Andrew Mitchell MP before, during and after the incident, we have found that there is insufficient evidence to show that the officer at the gate lied in his account.  The CPS has also found that there is insufficient evidence to show that Mr Mitchell was the victim of a conspiracy of misinformation….

I have, however, authorised one officer to be charged with one count of misconduct in public office.

One officer said that he witnessed the incident, when he hadn’t. This does not support Mitchell’s (very delayed) version of events.

The evidence shows that after the incident at the gate the officer immediately told other officers there what had happened; he then made a written note and telephoned a superior officer to inform him. About an hour and a half later, once back at base, he compiled an email about the incident which he sent to his managers and colleagues. The email is what has previously been described as the police ‘log’.

I note that the officer made his report, whilst it was still fresh in his mind, suggesting that he felt a concern. Mitchell refused to give his version until weeks later. Why?

Much of the press reporting to date has assumed that the CCTV recordings show that the gate officer lied about the words used during the incident. The CCTV footage that has been aired publicly was edited and did not show the full picture.

Who procured the original tape (not Mitchell) and why did it take so long to merely edit?

there are a small number of members of the public present immediately in front of the gate at the relevant time, but what cannot be seen is how many people were immediately off camera but in the vicinity, at least some of whom then quickly came into view. This is consistent with the officer’s account that several members of the public were present. No officer ever mentioned “crowds” being present – this was first mentioned in Channel 4 News/Dispatches programmes in December 2012 and February 2013 – which showed edited footage that was less than clear in a number of regards.
The wording used reflects my own scepticism of how this Ch.4 program was presented.

The fact that Mr Mitchell’s account has varied since the incident.

This reflects a common trait of someone trying to create a “new truth”.

The claims made in the Sunday Times about a whistle-blower were first made to the police by David Davis MP and Mr Mitchell.  They have declined to assist the police by naming them.

David Davis MP seems to have committed himself to aiding Mitchell but not justice.

Other action being taken by the police authority against other officers are disciplinary and may not require evidence, or even justification.

They may be based purely on rhe desire by senior officers to gain preferment from their politically appointed promotion panels.

As I will never be privy to the decision making process, I reserve the right to take my own jaundiced view of such a process, especially after reading ” the rest is silence” (http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Rest-Silence-James-Patrick-ebook/dp/B009NZ2VG4) and the associated blog.






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