Nick Clegg re-defines patriotism using the logic of a Quisling. @UKIP

War is abhorrent.
The best way to avoid it is to open your boarders to the invading hordes and allow them to walk in.
You can avoid them pillaging the country’s wealth by agreeing favourable trade deals and offering to fund the subsistence of their settlers.
This, of course, means that levies must be raised on the native population to fund their new neighbours. A small price to pay to avoid bloodshed.
To ensure a reduced social friction with the invaders, it is essential to accept their rule of Law, even if it means a neighbour may be dragged from his home in the middle of the night, by your own Gendarmerie, and sent off to a prison in the homeland of your new “partners”.
This is, it seems, theĀ  patriotism of Nick Clegg.
At least, when Marshall Petain andĀ  Quisling accepted such a patriotic form of existence, the invaders wore a smart uniform and carried guns to persuade those of their countrymen, who couldn’t accept such a beneficial arrangement.


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