@David_Cameron stop #NHS England Inc. urging us to bother our GP’s

I recently received a communication from NHS England Inc., containg a glossy and expensive brochure urging me to take the advice of their recent expensive, TV advertising campaign.
It urged me to visit my doctor if I found “blood in my poo”.
This is the latest in a lifetime of urgings to see my doctor and not ignore the warning signs of dire conditions, which could result in an agonising death. Conditions, which could mean that I may be the carrier of contagion, which would lead to the deaths of many.
Failure to see the doctor has been variously portrayed as stupid, unneighbourly, false heroics, or  any of various other adjectives applied to the common herd by our betters.
Strange lumps and bleeding are obvious concerns but often these warning signs are simply flu-like symptoms and are sometimes dismissed as trivialities by overworked medico’s, who have no valid treatment for flu and other viral diseases.Now a think-tank wants to take the NHS down the privatising route demonstrated by NHS dentistry..
Why only £10 to see your GP?
It’s a compulsory semi-annual £17:50 to have your dentist tell you to brush your teeth.
People tend only to want to visit their NHS Dentist when they are in agony from a sore tooth, which will cost £50 to be pulled out of your mouth, using a shiny versions of pliers.
In addition to this fee to see your dentist, the Think-tank (I envisage a sort of well-heeled and well-fed quango of lesser public school types) has suggested that prescription fees be raised, yet again.
Once more, this is against a background of daily announcements about putting everyone on Statins and various other panacea’s.
It is proposed that the elderly be means tested and the less poverty stricken be charged an annual fee £120 p.a..
Would this be a different quango to that means-testing pension credit, bus passes, liability to Council Tax, eligibility for free boilers, loft insulation, cavity wal insulation, dentistry, glasses, home care, house sequestration, mortgage payments. etc.?
Why not simply turn all these administrator’s into benefit scrounger’s and cap private pensions at subsistence level, except, of course, those that are well-earned at levels approaching that of MP’s and other deserving people.
It would only affect such as lower echelon civil servants, care worker’s, nurses, teacher’s, policemen, firemen, squaddies, etc. and would remove the basis for their complaints about having their pensions cut.


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