The only way is up‏ : letter to Express 17/8/13

Reflecting the points made in your editorial; all the “free” energy saving measures, which have been made, have pushed prices up.
Price rises have also been pushed up by subsidies for uneconomic windfarms.
Unfortunately the Energy companies have a prime directive of returning profits to shareholder’s, which means that as energy usage has fallen, prices have had to rise.
The consequence this Winter may well be that pensioners and many others will have to cope with austerity, by switching off the heating, wrapping up in woolies and fitting draught excluder;s to all doors.
A further fall in energy usage, a further fall in profits, a further rise in prices. What’s usually referred to as a vicious cycle (or circle, to some) is an obvious consequence.
Of course my generation has already been there, with candles, paraffin lamps, burning the furniture etc.

We will, apart from the seriously sick, probably survive, despite extra trips to the barricade of wheelie bins outside the front door.

A bigger problem will arise from the fact that few modern homes have fireplaces, so a boom in paraffin heaters, with a return to family groups dying of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and a few extra house fires could be an expected outcome


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