EU referendum‏ : letter to Express 19/7/13

The report, that some MP’s are filibustering the bill to let us have a referendum on the EU, is depressing.
It’s bad enough that such a referendum would not be possible before 2017; by which time our country would be in such a sad state that we would be beyond caring.
It seems that these politicians only “believe” in Democracy and The Will of The People, every 5 years, when they come begging us to vote them back into a seat on the Parliamentary Gravy Train.
Could you, as a newspaper, make it clear, at the run-up to the next General Election, which MP’s genuinely care about our wishes, by printing the names of all MP’s, who have presented an opposition to a Referendum.
This could be followed up by a list of all candidates, who are in favour of a Democratic vote.
It might help focus the minds of those trying to delay the bill, if their names and pictures were featured now.


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