@David_Cameron I’ m going to do my damnedest to keep drawing my pension for as long as I can, despite your best efforts.

I resent that my Royal Mail has been sold off to foreign scavengers.
I resent that its profits mainly come from spamming me.
I resent that I have to shred spam that can be used to steal my identity.
I resent the fact that I have to have a special wheelie bin to put all the spam in. I resent having to have another wheelie bin, for that spam, stuck in front of my house, spoiling the aspect, which was part of its attraction, when I bought it.
I can’t do much about the tons of spam from Virgin and Sky, which promises me untold benefits for pennies and delivers considerably over-priced dross.
I can’t do much about the hand-delivered fliers from the myriad of fast food outlets, which I don’t use.
I can’t do much about the Spamming war between the supermarkets but I can do something about the Shylocks, who want access to my bank account.
I specifically refer to the pre-approved applications, which I regularly receive.
Credit cards, health insurance (more frequent now that the bulk of the NHS has been privatised), loans sharks, pension plans, (more frequent now that the politicians have plundered the N.I. fund), funeral and home care plans (more frequent now that the old are to be worked/frozen/starved to death with a bastardised, privatised care home service).
These usually have pre-paid reply envelopes.
Even if they’re not pre-paid, I return their garbage (my personal details deleted) with a sense of minor triumph, having foiled the identity thieves, having not had to add to my recycling chores, whilst adding to theirs, and made the Royal Mail use its resources, even if only a miniscule amount.
Other than finishing Guy Fawkes job, I can’t see what else I can do except keep taking my Statins and posting on my blog.


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