@Ed_Miliband @David_Cameron A Winter of Discontent

This is a letter to the daily express but it’d be nice if our political leader’s thought a bit about the plight of the people, whom they like to pretend to represent.

Ross Clark’s piece on the energy crisis, that we face, is infuriating.
How can politician’s create such a fouled up situation.
The worst part is that it is, purely, a political problem.
A political problem arising out of one semi-popular and two unpopular credo’s:
Those of cutting Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuels, remaining in the EU (thus, subject to the dictates of Foreign powers) and privatisation.
Ed, George and David, all have Oxford degrees in philosophy, politics and economics.
Perhaps they should all demand their course fee’s back, because they don’t seem to understand the most important lesson in politics, which is that you should lead the people to where they want to go.
Even Machiavelli advised this.
In this present situation, they can’t renege on their privatisation policy, because their political funding and the whole of their understanding of Economics Theory is too closely tied in to it.
Whilst reneging on their Carbon policy will cause them great difficulty, in terms of political wriggling, the postponement of the closure of coal-fired power stations can be defended as a “temporary measure” .
This postponement of the closure of coal-fired power stations would even help in negotiations, within the EU, where a show of independence, would be a welcome change to the present posturing. The German’s and French might not like such defiance but they would accept it as a political necessity.
In terms of domestic politics, failure to postpone these closure’s will mean power cuts and public censure of the kind last seen during the Winter of Discontent; only this time they’ll only have themselves to blame, they won’t be able to blame the Unions.


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