@Ed_Miliband What did the teachers’ strike action achieve?

When the miner’s went on strike, the first time, they did so in Winter and forced Maggie to cave in to their demands.

The second time, under Scargill, they waited until she had huge stockpiles of coal and struck in Summer.

With the aid of the chief constable, who later set up the Hillsborough fiasco, she had the police fight running battles with the miner’s (some say that their ranks were infiltrated by professional agitators, though it wasn’t clear whether they were British or Russian paid). Unsurprisingly she won and Scargill retired in comfort.

She then took on the teacher’s; a very soft target.

She passed legislation to shackle them and became a Tory saint, who had beaten the Unions.

She tightened up her victory by tying the Police to a no-strike deal and introducing legislation that would put Union leaders in prison, unless they obeyed severe limitations on strike action.

This legislation was used recently to enable a snap sale of the Royal Mail, before the workforce could legally organise a token strike.

Union’s seem to be totally castrated by laws, which New Labour never acted against.

Union chief’s seem to be totally in bed with the Government.

Witness the latest teacher strike.
First, it isn’t a Strike, because they are back at work. They took a planned day off to demonstrate.

It was a minor inconvenience to working parents, such as female journalists and teachers, who had plenty of time to make alternative arrangements for their offspring to be looked after.

Second, like all teacher action, it took place at the beginning of the academic year, when lessons could be juggled to ensure that exam classes could catch up.

Teacher action never takes place in the Summer, when it’s a race to ensure pupils are fully geared up to collect the bits of paper that they need to try to enter the dwindling workforce.

Pupils had a day off.
They didn’t “suffer”.

Additionally; the politician’s weren’t really disappointed, by the teacher’s action. They were delighted.

If teacher’s really wanted to force the Government’s hand, they’d have a two week strike just before the main GCSE and GCE exams.
Government knows that that is no more likely to happen than nurses or doctor’s holding a two week strike over Xmas (forcing MP’s to fly back from the Caribbean).
The vocational work forces don’t have effective strikes, because they, unlike their political master’s, care about people.


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