King Canute was probably not a member of the @TheGreenParty

Given that the planet is warming and the seas are rising; given that man’s activities are hastening the process; given that our politician’s are listening and taking action to reduce the UK’s impact.

Given these, as facts; Isn’t it time that the Cassandra’s stopped running around crying for something to be done and actually thought about doing something.

I don’t mean demanding an end to the burning of fossil fuels, where the increased use by China has swamped any effect of the reductions being attempted in the West (certainly sidelined UK’s efforts, at great cost to my fuel bill this Winter).

I mean that they should do what Canute did.

He demanded that his ear-aches faced the inevitable and moved his throne farther up the beach, beyond the reach of the rising water.

if The Eco-friendlies want to do something useful, they should encourage governments to plan for the effects of Global Warming.

Move new developments inland.

Consider building design that can withstand the predicted severe weather.

Consider what crops will need to be grown to feed the populace. Land at sea level will be flooded but the moors may become more suitable for farming.

I know it’s easier to pontificate about other people’s indolence but, surely, there must be some members of the Eco tribes, who actually care about the people, who are helpless to take action and who will bear the brunt of the loss of habitat, shelter and food, which the Cassandra’s claim we are doomed to.



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