A warning to the 1%. You need us! #occupy

We have a large population of unemployed people, if you count in those in education and training.

This was anticipated decades ago and initially the plan was to teach people how to enjoy their leisure time. Unfortunately, Glasnost came and the 1% saw the masses as deadweight, rather than a threat.

So we got “Education,Education,Education”. Not just here but Globally.

We also got privatisation. I.e. asset-stripping The State: Also, a Global phenomenon.

We now have an engineered crisis, which is being exploited, globally, to bring in Austerity measures, with a view to cutting the living standards of the masses to a minimum, on par with Victorian London and the conditions found in places such as Brazil’s favela’s.

It will be gradual.

Too quick and there could be revolution, despite the tight electronic surveillance and DNA profiling now available to our spooks.

Why do the 1% want this?

Is it just myopic greed?

When the masses are reduced to the state of survival existence, disease will become epidemic and endemic. The 1% will be vulnerable to these diseases, which will mutate rapidly among the plagued masses.

What will they do? Eradicate the masses, as we would eradicate rats (or are eradicating badger’s)?

With the masses gone, there will be a severely restricted customer base, a severely limited source of revenue, a severely limited need for any industry, whatsoever.

The 1% will become poor, because what is money? Money is simply the means to get other people to do things for you.

The 1% need to take a lesson from History.

When the Black Death had ravaged Europe, destroying whole villages, the 1% of the day found that no crops were being harvested, no goods manufactured, because there weren’t sufficient masses to work for them.

Those people, with any skills, or work related knowledge, became a valuable commodity and their price shot up.

Those, who wished to exploit such people, found that gold plate was no good without bread to put on it and swapped their gold plates for pewter one’s, with bread. Many rich family lines were pauperised and many a labourer bought up their grand residences.

The 1% need the 99%.

They need the 99% to be content, healthy and with money to spend. Money is only a means of buying services. It’s no good in a vault, or on a balance sheet.

If you have amassed all the money in the World, you have nothing.

So, keep the 99%.

Employ them, even if it’s only make work.

Let The State re-nationalise those concerns, which are best run at National level.

E.g. The Utilities. Encourage inefficiency in terms of employee numbers.

So what if worker’s skive off and sleep behind packing cases?  At least they’re not at home brooding.

Employ more road sweeper’s, maintenance workers, fence painter’s.

When you drive your Rolls down the High Street, wouldn’t you rather see well-dressed contented plebs and charming little novelty shops, than drab unpainted buildings with endless charity shops and moneylender’s?

Think of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Pottersville might have been more agreeable to the cormudgeonly nature of Mr. Potter but wouldn’t Bedford Falls have provided him with greater wealth?

The 1% may think it’s advantageous to steal pennies from the poor but it’s not.

It’s almost a predator-prey scenario.

You need to let your prey prosper, using your strength to fight off other predator’s, who’d see you starve.


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