@TheGreenParty Wind turbines shouldn’t be connected to the National Grid.

At school, I was shown that polythene, when heated, in the absence of air, will break down (pyrolysis) into the ethylene gas, from which it is made.  (A sidenote: ethylene is the gas used to rioen fruit brought in on cargo ships)

A recent you tube video (just Google pyrolysis) showed one Japanese promoter taking his kit to third world villages, where they crammed any plastic waste into the device, to produce liquid fuels to be used to run generator’s etc.

It was a little simplistic, neglecting things like production of HCl from PVC and the need for fuel to carry out the pyrolysis, but the process could be used, on industrial scale, here, along the same lines used by oil refineries to crack raw oil to produce pure chemical feedstocks.

This must be cheaper than conventional oil cracking and less  politically problematic than fracking. It has the advantage of automatically dealing with the additives, dyes etc. associated with used plastics.

The big draw back is the need to input energy to the process.

There is a solution, which ties in with the main drawback to most alternative/green sources of energy.

Devices, such as wind turbines, are sporadic in output and are actually a handicap in terms of being connected to the National Grid.

There is a serious mismatch between suplly and demand.

The solution needed is for a way to store the energy produced by these Wind Turbines, which seem to be the Government’s preferred option for showing Green credential’s.

By combining the pyrolysis with the sporadic output of wind turbines, we could reduce landfill and increase the viability of windfarms.

In some cases, such as the wind turbines in Liverpool’s Docklands, the transport costs for recycled plastics would also be minimised.

As an afterthough, one might even consider pyrolysing other organics, such as newspapers (and fastfood-flyer’s), to produce charcoal, to be used as eco-friendly fuel.

The above might not be a fully rounded solution but it would be better than paying rich people to shut down their wind turbines, on windy days, or shipping plastic waste to China.


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