@dragonjones Rubber tubing for hydraulic structured devices, umbrella’s picture frames, tents and li-lo’s

Further to my friendly-to -people’s -eyes umbrella, I came across another idea, where hydraulic tubing could be used.

I saw a large (2m x 1.5m) world map, printed on cloth.

A great idea, in that it could be folded for transport, but a pig, in terms of making a support to hold it taut.

It occurred to me that, if it was sewn onto a frame of rubber tubing, it could still be easily folded, yet able to be rapidly restored to a taut and crease free form.

It would also be exceedingly light, without the need for very strong wall fastenings.

The frame could be 5mm O.D. by 1m.m. I.D. tubing with a built in reservoir that could be filled with tap water.

The reservoir, on these values, would need to hold about 7cc’s of water and the frame could probably be inflated by simply fitting the cap on the reservoir. Removing it would allow the deflation.

(Filling would probably be facilitated by capillary action).

I can understand why such idea’s aren’t taken up in this country (everything is run by Banker’s, who only look at large Guaranteed profits, such as ripping off State assets) but I can’t understand why the Chinese and Asian truffle hounds haven’t seized on this technology.

Similarly, pup tents and self- filling lilo’s (hydraulically inflate frame, which draws air in, then trap the air.).



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