@David_Cameron child protection time for solutions to the lessons learned.

Another child has died and the various agencies have been castigated and the great and good have once again pronounced that lessons must be learned.
Why hasn’t this happened?
Why are there still lesson’s to be learned?
We already have teacher’s, police, medico’s and Social services holding case meetings and sharing information.
This is probably part of the problem.
The files are filled, concern is expressed but no action is, or can, be taken, because no one person is directly responsible, or has direct legal power to take effective action..
The case leader’s, for these various bodies, are invariably people on high salaries, commensurate with their “responsibilities”. Unfortunately they are, too often, able to declare a lack of legal power to act. There needs to be one person, from Social Services, in charge of each case/child, with authority, possibly with rapid access to associated judicial authorisation, and direct responsibility to order effective action to be taken.
Where care home placement is required, then, despite Osborne’s austerity, there should be adequate spare capacity.
The nominated person must be more than just concerned about a fleeting public censure.
He/She must be aware that the high salary is balanced by a potential to be, in a sense, defrocked and possibly imprisoned by a Judge.


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