i@independent.co.uk Please don’t encourage @Ed_Miliband in his depredations

Every time a political leader thinks of a new way of spending public money, it makes a demand on The Treasury.
This, in turn leads to a rise in taxation and a cut in my ability to pay for necessities.

Your Editor’s mild acceptance of Ed Miliband’s proposal to replace Union funding with a raid on the Public Purse is, for me, alarming.
Having to pay for political campaigns would be a triple insult. Not only would I have to suffer a drop in my quality of life to fund it, I would have their lies and false promises pushed in my face.
It’s equivalent to the playground bully hitting you with your own hand and asking you why you are doing it.
The third part of the insult is that such a policy maintains the present moribund cartel of career politicians, stifling any influx of those who want to actually represent the voters.
At present, if I want to join a group of people, with like opinions, I pay a subscription to cover common expenses. My group may secure donations from sympathetic patrons but its members don’t go demanding money from all and sundry.
Political parties should not be given access to public funds.
As it is, the main political parties would still have an advantage over independents and emerging political groups (NHA party, UKIP) in that their MP’s already have access to the public purse through their Independent (allegedly)  Parliamentary Standards Authority.
I’ve no doubt that they would find some format, whereby party subs were tax-exempt, or allowable as parliamentary expenses.

Please oppose the main parties being funded from the public purse; if only so I don’t have to pay to have my TV viewing destroyed by Party Political broadcasts.


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