@BTCare @Virginmedia Greed is not good

A while back my nintendo WII got bricked by a hiccup in my BT connection, during an automatic update.

It cost £26 to get Nintendo to unbrick it, although if they had put a little more thought into the software, it shouldn’t have happened and the reload should have been free.

Nevertheless, I had to apportion some of the blame to BT, whose feed also hiccups at other times, often requiring an automatic re-boot of the TV kit. Annoying but doubly so, as it’s the wife, who has control of it and, who then complains to me, as if it’s my fault. (she has to have the ability to freeze her soaps to answer her phone, whilst I watch the Freeview progs.). Add in the slowness of the Internet connection, where the upload is only 1Mps with most sites demanding to know more about me. (data-mining)

I rang BT to find out when my contract ran out and check on my 10 Meg limit. (trying tio keep expenditure down. On that occasion, I got through quite quickly and I was offered a deal on an upgrade to match the cost of Virgin basic package. I wasn’t interested at the time, although he was keen to push BTsports, because it committed me to another 12 months.

I checked out Virgin, on-line, but the moment I tried to depart from the basic pack, the charges shot up. E.g. the basic landline charged for calls during weekdays. Although we don’t use it much, that’s when we’d want to use it, for certain people.

So, I let it ride.

Then BTSport came up and running. Again no problem, because I can watch the odd game on my laptop, but the first weekend of it, I got a viewing card and my son (on a visit) expressed a wish to watch it on the large screen TV.

Problem is that I’d have to register and commit to 12 month contract, which means, I might as well take up the deal that I’d been offered and which was supposed to be on hold, if I wanted it. My original contract had ended and I’d lost a £5 allowance that I hadn’t been aware of. I.e. my monthly cost had gone up by £5 anyway.

Now, obviously, there was a surge of interest in access to BT Sports, so you’d think the Main National Telecom outfit would have geared up for it. No chance, that’d have cost money, so the lines to BT were over-loaded.

My first attempt to get through, I was told that instead of being made to hang around like a Lewis’s dummy, I could press button 1 and they’d ring me back within an hour. This turned out to be the equivalent of a two finger goodbye.

My second attempt, delayed until after the Weekend, wass not much better. A quarter of an hour and a human voice, only faint but I responded. Unfortunately it was a one-way conversation, as I soon realised, because I could just make out the operator discussing it with her supervisor. The line then went dead. Remember that this is a multi-national company, which is supposed to be selling its services and expertise in this very field. Hampered by getting greedy with excess efficiency (cost-cutting) on its tele-sales.

I tried again; this time dialling the complaints dept.

I got fed up being queued and checked Virgin again with an interest in the now advertised BTSports access.

They have a clever “Let’s build you a package” facility. Unfortunately, it’s geared to a minimum charge for any tailored package. Try cutting out one item and it’ll incorporate some other item e.g. cut back on TV channels and you’ll get increased broadband speed. GREEDY!   Obviously I want as much as I can get for as little as possible; that’s the the name of the game: So why not make a sale by offering me what you’re prepared to give, instead of trying to force me into buying what I don’t need?

I guess I’ll have to try doing my own mix and match and maybe even checking out Sky, although past experience is that they invented this approach squeezing customers.



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