#Martinsmoneytips we could do with a site warning of unfair T&C’s

I think T&C’s are a big problem.

Not that they exist but that they often seem designed to trap you with unexpected conditions, which the writer doesn’t want you to be aware of.

I’m talking about contracts with the devil but just simply, the sort of thing, which lies in the small print on adverts, or the garbled flurry of words used in telesales.

In the specific case of insurance, most insurance companies are just middle men for brokers at Lloyd’s (their “Names” are, it seems, rich parasites, such as judges and Landowner’s, who operate like bookies and set the odds available). The point being that their T&C’s are the basis of the ones that your chosen insurer bases his T&C’s on. This means that “reputable” insurer’s have virtually the same exclusions, excesses etc., with the fly-boys adding a few extra well-hidden exclusion’s.

It should be possible for someone with the expertise to sort through these contracts and prick out all the snide bits. This thought prompted the following e-mail to Martinsmoneytips.

The program “Don’t get done, get Dom” highlighted the problem of exclusion clauses on insurance policies.
In the case covered, the relevant clause was on p.16 of the T&C’s. for three different insurances, presumably because they are all written by the same brokers.
It is obviously a pain trying to second guess exclusions to look out for, even if you are literate and painstaking.
It would be a help for patrons of Martin’s Money Tips, if you did a quick look-up table of the exclusions on the various types of insurance by the various insurance companies.


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