Summer at last. Spare a thought for cafe worker’s with insensitive employer’s

I was propmpted to send in this letter to the Daily Express, because my wife, who works in a cafe was coming home in a terrible state. She normally wants to cool down in normal weather but in the present situation, she was physically stressed.

I’ve worked for organisations, which respond quickly to conditions which impair employee efficiency and/or health but I’ve also worked for those where employee’s are just numbers and treat them the same way Wilkinsons treats the plants it sells.

I was hoping that the letter would prompt a piece by The Express, which might nudge the bosses of such organisations.

It didn’t work.

Sadly, this splendid weather is being marred by the death’s of people, whose memories of such conditions, have failed to prepare them to enjoy and survive them.
We can cope with such conditions, when abroad, because we are on holiday and have no commitments. Unfortunately, at home, we do have commitments, at work, in travel and in hospital appointments.
Would you print a feature reminding employers that while they may be in air-conditioned offices, with fans on full blst, they may have employee’s and colleagues working in normally very hot conditions.
For instance canteen staff, may be preparing salads but there will be enough customers wanting cooked foods to ensure that canteen workers are often cooking themselves.
Employers in glassworks and hospitals will, probably, already be ensuring ample supplies of water (or orange juice) and salt tablet’s are available but it might not occur to Supermarket Managers, or Bank bosses.
It might also be a good idea if HR departments, especially in large stores, had a supply of refrigerated towels and ice packs available, for vulnerable customers suffering heat stroke.
As a last comment, if I suffer a headache, in hot Sunny conditions, I place my head under cold running water, until I feel the chill.
Sadly, obvious, but, woefully, often forgotten points in these rare conditions.


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