On Twitter, we are all experts…..truth

A recent tweet expressed the opinion that we all seem to think we are experts and we are all expressing our diverse opinions on Twitter, as if we know what we are talking about. Another tweet  concurred and added that it was worse, when stupid people expressed their opinions.

Quite apart from the inherent  irony, they miss the point that we are all, genuinely experts.

Even the most uneducated and unsophisticated person is an expert, based on their particular life experience.  There is a saying “Don’t condemn a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes”, which sort of expresses the same idea.

My opinions are based on my processing of facts, rejecting or accepting “facts”, according to my experience of their likely validity. How trustworthy similar factoids from similar sources have proven to be.

Your opinions have been formed in a similar way.

The same is true of the, to me, crass opinions of dockers, who I have heard arguing in a pub, where I worked as a barman. Dockers, who felt that their repeating a statement three times, in progressively louder tones,  constituted an irrefutable argument. In fact, more or less the same sort of imparting of information witnessed on BBC’s Newsnight, when some weasel politician recites his facts to Paxman in more urbane tones and in slightly more convoluted language.

We ARE all experts. We may not all agree and we may not all be absolutely right, in what we believe and assert, but we are experts and as we express our opinions, they become modified by our reacting to the opinions of those we communicate with. Thus we become more expert. The result is that the combined consensus is usually the best opinion.

It’s the principle on which juries are based and the reason why we need Juries to be randomly selected.

There is one caveat. We have to watch out for the professional truth distorter’s, where Twitter is concerned.

We have the Party Press corps tweeting away but we also have professional trolls, working for them. Such people need to be met head-on.

They are usually educated and seem to have prepared scripts to use against anyone, who expresses the “wrong” opinions.

Some can be recognised by their inability to argue a case, without returning to their scripted responses. (Rather like many of the politicians, interviewed on TV, trying to defend an indefensible position.).

You will never persuade them to switch position but the to and fro’ of debate allows on-lookers to pick up on and judge the views being expressed. You may have a weak argument and the on-lookers may be dockers, or your intellectual superiors. It doesn’t matter; they will interpret what they see through their own truth filters and refine their opinion.

If the truth distorter’s are allowed to go unchallenged, then their lies are strengthened and what they want to be believed becomes the truth for us all.

If you’re not sure of someone, go to their profile and see what else they are tweeting. Check out their followers and who they are following.  Trolls tend to become apparent very quickly.

Confront them and keep expressing your own opinions, because they are based on your life experiences and that is what makes you an expert.


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